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Extend Your Summer Fun: Pool Heater Repair and Installation

Whether you're pool heater needs repair or you're looking to have a new system installed, why trust your summer fun to anyone else? Our licensed and trained technicians are heating sytems experts, so you know the job will be done right, with quality parts and brands so you can get back to enjoying your backyard oasis.

Protect your investment with regular maintenance. You service your pool, you maintain your household heating system, why should your pool heater be different? We can clean and inspect your heater to ensure a long life and proper efficiency.


Your pool heater is a more complex piece of equipment than most pool filters. Regular maintenance and inspections can ensure that it will perform efficiently and last as long as possible. Our technicians can check the heat exchangers, inspect gas, electric, and water connections for signs of wear and winter freeze damage.

If your pool is not heating up to the desired or set temperature on the thermostat, is taking too long to reach the desired temperature, or if you notice leaks, it is time to schedule a repair visit. Our experts arrive with a truck that is already stocked with parts that are factory authorized and certified to install, so we can get things back up and running fast.


We install just about every type of pool heater available - gas, electric, heat pump, etc. Determining the right size heater for your pool depends on the volume, surface area, location and desired use of the pool. After a few quick measurements and some information from you, our experts can make recommendations to fit a variety of budgets.

Leave the heating systems to the experts. Heating equipment is our specialty, so you know that you'll get factory certified parts installed by trained, licensed and factory certified technicians for proper and worry free operation.

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Pool Heaters

    Can a pool heater be added to any pool?
    Yes, the pool and its design should be assessed before making any recommendations. Our experts can measure your pool and determine the right size heater.
    How much longer can my pool heater last with regular maintenance?
    10 years.
    Should I choose gas, electric, or a heat pump for my pool heater?
    Gas is the most efficient for heating in all seasons, if gas is available. A heat pump is the most efficient if the pool is only going to be heated in the summer.
    How can I increase the efficiency of my pool heater?
    First, ensure that you have the right sized heater for your pool configuration. Second, be sure to cover the pool when it is not in use, particularly in the evening.